DiverseHipHop Interview With RIZSELFMADE


We here at DHH like to catch artist when they are early into their careers and support them and see them take off. We’ve interviewed various artists who’ve later taken off to become huge stars such as Kid Ink, Dizzy Wright, Hopsin and many more. Today we would like to introduce you to RIZSELFMADE who is an up and coming artist out of Harlem who has been getting looks from 50 Cent and G-Unit a lot recently. You can catch him in the G-Unit video ‘Watch Me‘, 50’s ‘Don’t Worry Bout It‘ video and the Young Buck ‘Bring My Bottles‘ video. With him appearing around G-Unit we got curious as to who he was and looked into him and loved his music. So, we at DHH made it our duty to let the people know more about him as a person and an artist. While he was out in London for the first time with G-Unit to perform at the O2 Arena which was a sold out crowd of 20,000+ people we got a chance to interview him. In this very detailed interview you will get to know Riz and his journey into music, what made him fall in love with music, how he ended up meeting 50 Cent/G-Unit, his music, his future plans with his label ‘SELFMADE INC’ and much more.

We’ve also added his new single ‘Jordan’s And Foreigns’ under the video for you guys to check out which is off his new project ‘Dat Made Life 2′ coming soon.

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Interview Shot & Edited by: KRKGFX

Check out the interview and new song after the jump.

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50 Cent Talks About New G-Unit Album, Street King Immortal, Future, Tour & More

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.13.50 PM

50 Cent stops by two radio stations to talk about various things. He first stops by Hot 104.1 to talk about the upcoming G-Unit album, his solo album ‘Street King Immortal’, touring, Kidd Kidd, his new artist Rotimi and possibly wanting to sign Rico Richie who’s got a smash hit right now with ‘Poppin’.

He also stops by Power 99FM to talk about Meek Mill vs Drake, Future, Lloyd Banks’ ‘Cold Corner 3′, Kidd Kidd’s legal issues, ‘Southpaw’ movie, EFFEN Vodka and much more.

Check out both interviews after the jump.

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Beach Is Better: Future’s DS2 Review


Drugs, women & money cover the surface of Future’s wholehearted, profound DS2. The emotion behind [seemingly superficial] lyrics make the album highly valuable, rather than just an ordinary trap album. Lines about codeine and/or fucking groupies are only a veil to the rap elitists that are afraid of taking popular music seriously. DS2 is a corybantic celebration combined with atoms of pure sincerity. A bulk of the album is filled with bliss, but in reality DS2 originates from sorrow. It presents an opportunity to gape at Future’s candid mindset, and life. Something Honest failed at doing.

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Birdman Interview With Angie Martinez (Full Interview)

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 7.31.27 PM

Birdman has been the spotlight lately for a lot of things and none of them are for a positive thing. He’s had a fallout with his son (not blood related) Lil Wayne, being in and out court sued for not paying Lil Wayne or allowing him to release his music, so, finally Birdman tells his side of the story with Angie Martinez over at Power 105.1. He also talks about whether Drake and Nicki Minaj will be on Cash Money Records, the drink throwing incident in Miami and much more. The whole interview took 2 days and was shot at Birdman’s mansion in Miami. Check out Part 1 after the jump, Part 2 is set to drop later tonight.

UPDATE: Part 2 has been added on there he talks about Young Thug vs Lil Wayne, Tyga saying he never payed him, Birdman wanting to retire and much more.

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Chance The Rapper Announces ‘Family Matters’ Tour


Chance The Rapper has announced that he is going on tour with D.R.A.M, Metro Boomin and Towkio for ‘Family Matters’ tour. The tour is set to kick things off at Austin, Texas on October 11th and ends things off on November 25th in Los Angeles. The tickets can be purchased here. Check out all the tour dates after the jump.

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Fetty Wap Becomes First Rapper Since Eminem With 3 ‘Top 20′ Singles

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 03: (EDITORS NOTE: This image was processed using digital filters) Recording artist Fetty Wap visits Music Choice on June 3, 2015 in New York City.  (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 03: (EDITORS NOTE: This image was processed using digital filters) Recording artist Fetty Wap visits Music Choice on June 3, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Fetty Wap blew up in the Hip-Hop scene earlier this year with his major hit ‘Trap Queen’. The record was definitely something different and his catchy melodic hook had everyone singing along to the track. While he had that hit a lot of people wondered if he’s just another trending topic, could he possibly deliver another hit? Well, Fetty has answered the doubters with constant other hits right after. Billboard has reported that Fetty Wap currently has 3 songs in the ‘Top 20′ charts on the Billboard Hot 100 which is an outstanding accomplishment considering he has no official EP or Album out. He is the first rapper since Eminem to have 3 songs on the Top 20 and the first rapper since Lil Wayne to have two songs on the Top 10. Check out what Billboard had to say after the jump.

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50 Cent Talks ‘Street King Immortal’ Album & Jay-Z

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 7.00.32 PM

While out in the UK last week 50 Cent stopped by BBC’s 1Xtra to talk with DJ Semtex about the delay of his new album ‘Street King Immortal’, being nervous, who the king of New York is and Jay-Z. Check out the video after the jump.

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Rick Ross Takes Shots At 50 Cent Filing For Bankruptcy On New Track


The world knows that recently 50 Cent filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy so that he doesn’t have to pay Rick Ross’ baby mama the $5 Million she sued for 50 Cent allegedly leaking her sex tape. Well, things have gotten worse as Rick Ross has decided to take shots at 50 Cent on this new track called ‘Wing Stop’. Rick Ross’ goes on to take shots at 50 Cent’s recent financial issues when really he should be the last person talking considering he had to put up his house just to make bail a few weeks ago.

This is the line that is going at 50 Cent on this new Rick Ross track ‘Wing Stop':

“50 financial woes I never speak of him, years ago Pimpin’ Curly you know we ethered him”

We all know 50 Cent is a completely different financial level than Rick Ross as 50 is listed on the Top 5 wealthiest rappers list on Forbes and Rick Ross isn’t. What Ross should be doing is worrying about not flopping like his last two albums did and finally try going Platinum on an album. Check out the track after the jump.

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Meek Mill Goes Off On Twitter; Disses Drake & Claims He Doesn’t Write His Own Rhymes


Meek Mill randomly got on Twitter tonight and decided to get a lot of things off his chest. He decided to go at Safaree and Drake and a few other people. Even though he tweeted a lot, the tweet that stood out the most was the one claiming that Drake doesn’t write his own rhymes and since Meek knows that, that’s the reason why Drake didn’t tweet out his album. Rick Ross decided to jump in and tweeted that Drake is better than Meek Mill but then later deleted the tweet and said Meek Mill is family. On top of that OG Maco jumped in and also said that Drake doesn’t write his own rhymes as well as Kia Shine who claims he initially wrote ‘Best I Ever Had’. Drake has yet to respond but a member of his OVO Crew ‘Hush’ responded on Instagram as well. Meek Mill went on Instagram as well to confirm that he hasn’t been hacked and that those tweets were actually him. Check out all the tweets and Instagram posts after the jump.

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Joe Budden On Ebro In The Morning

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 8.19.55 AM

Joe Budden stops by Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to talk about various things. He debuts his new single ‘Broke’, talks about his new album ‘All Love Lost’, his past relationships, the situation with Meek Mill, being on ‘Couples Therapy’ and much more. Check out the video after the jump.

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