Flop City #17: Kanye West, A Self Proclaimed God


This Flop City was suppose to be posted a long time ago but I decided to wait and watch how Kanye’s career played out this year. Now with that being said let’s begin. There seems to be a point in every artists career where they’ve hit an all time low, whether it’s with their music career or their life, it’s happened to every artist and well it’s slowly happening to the self proclaimed God, Kanye West. From marrying Kim Kardashian and being miserable in every picture they take together to fighting every paparazzi person to ever step in his way to releasing one of Hip-Hop’s weirdest sounding albums “Yeezus”. For those of you that know Flop City we focus on the music and what comes from the artist when he release’s the music. Check out what I got to say about Yeezus himself after the jump.

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Flop City #16: Gucci Mane’s Cry For Attention


So I started writing the new Flop City and it featured a different artist and right when I was about to get it posted the boogeyman of Rap decides to act foolish. Hip-Hop is very unpredictable and I’m glad I waited on posting the other Flop City because the one who truly deserves it is this idiot. From getting dropped from his label just by tweeting to disrespecting every respected person in the industry this fool Gucci Mane let things get to his head. Not to mention the recent flopped music that he’s constantly releasing. Check out what I got to say about this man after the jump.

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Flop City #15: French Montana – “Excuse My Flop”


French Montana has been popping this past two years. From getting featured on various big hip-hop singles to dropping the debut album “Excuse My French” hat was highly anticipated. From signing to Diddy’s Bad Boy Records to beefing on Twitter with 50 Cent, French has been everywhere. But did his in your face media transfer to his record sales? Did him signing with Diddy make him any bigger? Will people care about this New York rapper with a southern based sound 5 years from now? Check out what I got to say about French Montana and his recent “success” after the jump.

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Flop City #14: Meek Mill

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a new Flop City but I’m back, and now I’m focusing on Meek Mill. He’s been the new face of Gangsta rap. Whether people agree with that or not doesn’t matter, what matters is that he made it. After failing with T.I.’s Grand Hustle label, he was given a second chance by Rick Ross and with the collab Rozay put Meek under his new group Maybach Music Group. After dropping his debut album “Dreams & Nightmares” and not really living up to the hype, Meek Mill has landed on Flop City. It’s not really hard to figure out how he did. Check out what I got to say about Meek Mill and his recent failures after the jump.

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Flop City #13: Bow Wow

Nobody seems to be letting this dog out. After growing up and becoming a man Bow Wow decided to part ways with Jermaine Dupri and decided that he needed a change and wanted to sign to a new label. After searching quite some time he landed a deal with Birdman’s YMCMB label. Now was that a smart move? Find out what I got to say about Bow Wow and his recent attempts at making hits after the jump.

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Flop City #12: Rick Ross

MTV has claimed this man as the “Hottest MC In The Game”. Does Ricky Rozay live up to that name? From hopping on countless records to dropping some banger street tracks, find out how Ross ends up on Flop City after the jump. God Forgives, But Quake don’t.

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Flop City #11: Lil Kim

I know it’s been awhile, forgive me. But now we are finally back and we start off with The Queen B being the first artist to land on Flop City in 2012. We ended off Flop City last year with Soulja Boy and we now have a new target. After beefing with the biggest female rapper in the game (Nicki Minaj) Lil Kim hardly has any buzz or anything to show from it. Check out what I got to say about her after the jump.

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Flop City #10: Soulja Boy Tell’ Em

This is the final Flop City installment of this year and we will end it off with #10 Soulja Boy, I don’t want to attack this guy for his lyrics or anything else but his lack of “hits” lately. Read what I got to say about Mr. Tell’ Em after the jump.

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