January 20, 2016 Dennis B

EP Spotlight: Trapo – The Black Beverly Hills


Release Date: November 11th, 2015

Number of songs: 9

“We hit licks and we do not get caught. I do it for my momma, though” raps Trapo in the intro of his debut EP: The Black Beverly Hills. A bold insight that can only originate from a place where being kind is not a survival skill. His deep voice often shifts to softer tones, as if it’s revealing the various perspectives that dabble—and fight for dominance—in his mind. Whereas on Cards & Conversation, (this EP’s standout) he says “I can’t love you right now, I’m too focused.” A statement that comes alive when you give TBBH a full listen. His singing doesn’t sound forced, and his rapping consists of vibrant lyrical accents that mean just enough to evoke scintillating emotion. As he shares his life with the listener, Trapo skillfully colors his grey world. All these talents combined—flavored with a certain amount of rawness to his songwriting/recording process—you have a rapper that can rank higher than many household names. The Black Beverly Hills is unvarnished, cohesive, and feels like a narrative. Keeping that in mind, his purest wish (“I just wanna change mommy” CTBTS) doesn’t seem that far-fetched. After all, what’s more promising than a talented seventeen year old who is aware of his reality, rapping his way out the slums.

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