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Well it looks like Shawty Lo landed his own TV Reality Show on the Oxygen Network. In this show Shawty Lo will take us into this crazy life of his 10 baby mama’s and 11 children that he has. That’s crazy, a lot of pressure to take care of all those people. Now I know why 50 Cent gave him 10 million when he signed to G-Unit. Nonetheless check out the trailer to this show after the jump where you will be introduced to all the Baby Mama’s and check out a couple of fights.

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    • Dion Floyd

      I rather see a man trying to b a father dan a bunch of fake Housewives

  • http://Diverse shun

    Damn! I know this show was going to be very intertaining wish you could have went through with it!

    • J

      This is sick. What network would put this show on aire. Please people go get a GED or something. Have some respect for yourselves.

  • Orlando

    This show look dope, i would watch it!

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  • alicia

    I think that is very interesting u got my vote to air it….

  • KP

    Why don’t any of his kids have his last name? They need to take the show to VH1 they fasho gone fit right in with everything else #TEAM.E’CREIA

  • Patrick

    OMG, this guy doesn’t even know all his bastard kids’ names. He is a rapper, so I guess it’s ok for him to be screwing all these women and he isn’t gonna stop, there will be more. As long as he supports them and tax dollars aren’t spent to take care of them, he can have 100 bastard children for all I care, just shows what LOW CLASS is though, and these slutty women who are with him are there because of his money. He needs to be “neutered” but if he wants more kids and can take care of them, then fine, but it’s not a show I would watch. I would guess his primary audience would be on BET, and that is where this show would find it’s most viewers, he is the epitome of the “Black Father” Stereotype, except he has the money to support them. Most don’t, but they are just like him, going around screwing women like a MAN-WHORE. I will give him props for sticking with black baby momma’s, cuz when white baby-mommas get involved, then you will see much more problems since, in my opinion, blacks are the most racist people in the WORLD. Not all of them, but 94% last November were. Now we got a “pimp daddy” who swings to the “gay” persuasion, and no reporter will report it, but it’s true. Why do you think he and Michelle take separate planes to their vacation spots, and sometimes vacation separately? Why was the media denied access to his golf outing with Tiger? Probably because his love interest was with him and they didn’t want to have reporters taking pictures of that, but that’s the black community, this show is a prime example and like I said, it would BOMB on any channel other than BET. Nobody wants to watch these illiterate women who struck gold by getting an up and coming rapper to father their bastard children, and now they can live off his money. More power to him, but just realize, it’s Ghetto, 100%. Watching this show would make me want to throw up, it’s such low class gutter trash type stuff that is passing as today’s society, and it only gets worse. He should be ashamed of himself, but he doesn’t care. Doesn’t even know the kids names which are typical black names. Where they come up with some of these names is beyond me.
    So, BET should air it, I block that channel as well as MTV and VH1 as they have descended into the moral-low class morass that is the African American community. Shawty should be proud to “represent” lol.

    • TeamObama

      FUCK U and ur opinion Patrick!!! Have a Great racist life!!

    • tamicia

      WOW WHAT ABOUT THE UNEDUCATED REDNECKS , u wouldnt like if they represented the WHOLE WHITE RACE
      …GO GET A CLUE