December 18, 2012 Quake

Album Review: T.I. – “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head”

It’s been awhile since the King of the South has released an album. Two years ago Tip released “No Mercy” while in prison and it did pretty well commercial wise but did it please those hardcore T.I. fans? Some say no. After finally bouncing back from all his legal problems T.I. has delivered the first part to his two chapter album “Trouble Man”. Tip promises that this is that “Trap” type of T.I. that grimy T.I. that we know and love from his earlier days. Now that the album has finally released, I wanna find out for myself if the King can still keep his title or if he’s still stuck in the mode of not knowing what kind of music to make for his fans. Check out my track-by-track review for this new album after the jump. Make sure you purchase T.I.’s “Trouble Man” album in stores today.

1. “The Introduction” – This track starts out with a sample that fits the album perfectly. Then Tip proceeds to spit his verse, then absolutely goes in. Then it proceeds to the hook which I believe I’ve heard somewhere from T.I. I just can’t remember where. The beat is fast paste but pretty good. Overall a good intro track to the album.

2. “G Season” feat. Meek Mill – This track clarified whether that “Trap” T.I. is coming back on this album, this track is definitely that classic T.I. , Tip spits his bars that simple but raw in it’s own way. Then the hook proceeds and that’s when the track really turns into a hot track. The hook is short but very simply & catchy. Then Meek Mill proceeds to spit his verse, with his usual flow that I’m not a big fan of but he did his thing on this track as well. The Production isn’t too crazy either, it won’t kill your cars speakers but it will definitely bang, good balance. Overall a very good start to this album.

3. “Trap Back Jumpin” – I’ve been a fan of this track since it leaked awhile back. This is definitely the classic “Trap” Tip as well. The hook is very catchy, production is very good. Tip’s verses really do represent the Trap for what it’s known today. The song is long but that’s alright because every verse in this track is good. Overall a very good song, I’m glad Tip chose this as a single and shot a video for it.

4. “Wildside” feat. A$AP Rocky – This track starts out with a skit that I don’t like at all, it wasn’t necessary to add it at all, but that’s the only negative. The hook is very smooth and proceeds to talk about smoking weed even though Tip hasn’t smoked weed in years. I don’t mind the weed talk on this track since the hook is very well done. Tip spits his usual hot bars, on point with each bar. Production is on point as well. Then A$AP Rocky enters and absolutely kills Tip on his own track. Possibly the hottest feature on this album, A$AP was the perfect choice for this track, flow, bars all on point. Overall a very good track.

5. “Ball” feat. Lil Wayne – Now here’s a single that I don’t like at all, possibly one of Tip’s worst tracks ever made. The production is pretty good but the hook is complete garbage, way too repetitive and just annoying. The verses aren’t that good either. I think Tip was just looking for a club banger but failed. Lil Wayne just made this track worse too, his bars were annoying and he just didn’t fit this song at all. Whoever approved this track on Tip’s team needs to be fired.

6. “Sorry” feat. Andre 3000 – I’m already loving the way this track started out, Tip spitting his bars instantly and each bar is on point. You can use a lot of the words Tip said on this track for quotes as well because it’s just that good. The hook is sung by a female that we don’t know about, but nonetheless she adds more flavor to the song and definitely improved it. The bars Tip is spitting on this track is just simply about life and real life situations which is what I wanted from Tip on this album. Then Andre 3000 proceeds to spit his bars and absolutely kills it. This guy is just amazing, he murdered Tip on his own track as everybody knows even Tip admitted it. Andre was the perfect feature for this album and definitely delivered. Overall a very good track & I hope they shoot a video for this track.

7. “Can You Learn” feat. R. Kelly – This track also has a skit on the beginning of it and it’s annoying. I think it should have been split up into a separate cut on the album but I understand what story Tip is trying to tell with these skits. R. Kelly starts out the track by singing the hook and it’s very good, actually, surprising to me since I thought R. Kelly fell off the face of the earth. Tip spits some good bars, the topic is on point. The production is pretty good too, overall a good track.

8. “Go Get It” – Wow, this song is straight fire. When I heard it in the Summer I remember instantly burning a new CD and just bumping it on repeat in my car with my windows down. This song is pure fire, from the catchy hook to the amazing production from T-Minus, nothing is wrong with this track. It could have been longer but that’s the only issue. I’m glad it was a single too, this single made me wanna buy this album. I’ve also said this track is the best single to drop this year and I don’t take that back, it is.

9. “Guns and Roses” feat. Pink – Well when Eminem did his collab with Pink I thought it would have been horrible, it turned out good and well this one did too. The intro to the song instantly reminded me of “Dead and Gone” and I have no clue why but this track gives that vibe to me. Tip goes in on his first verse and more “real” bars, bars that actually have meaning behind them which I love, Tip is really good at spitting these type of bars since he’s been through so much. Pink absolutely kills the hook, wow, just pure fire. I can see this track blowing up on the radio as well. Overall a very good track, Production is good too.

10. “The Way We Ride” – Tip took us to Texas on this track and I don’t mind it at all. It’s definitely something new from Tip and I like it. Hook is dope, production is good, verses are fire. Definitely a nice track to bump in the car, something like Go Get It and Trap Back Jumpin.

11. “Cruisin” – Here’s a track that Tip tried singing on and tried to make smooth but I don’t feel it at all. I think it was a good attempt but it failed in my opinion. Not a fan of this track at all.

12. “Addresses” – The King has something to get off his shoulders and he lets it all go on this track. Tip still hasn’t clarified who he’s dissing on this track but people assume it’s either Gucci Mane or Alley Boy. I don’t care which one it is to me because regardless he murked whoever he was talking about. The hook is garbage though, production is good though and bars are hard. Overall a pretty good track and something that Hip-Hop needs is more beef, I love it as long as nobody gets killed.

13. “Hello” feat. Cee-Lo Green – Here’s a track that I don’t care for at all. I don’t like it, Cee-Lo ruined the track he didn’t help it and Tip’s bars could have been better. The production is boring too, sounds like it was made on the demo version of Fruity Loops.

14. “Who Want Some” – Here’s another track that I thought wasn’t good either. The hook isn’t put well together which is disappointing since Tip is usually great with them hooks. The production is boring to me and Tip does decent on his bars.

15. “Wonderful Life” feat. Akon – I honestly thought Akon and T.I. would make an amazing song and I couldn’t wait to hear this track. But I’m really disappointed in this track, yeah it has the “raw” lyrics that I like from Tip, life issues and just the real Tip but Akon wasn’t that good on the hook and the production is okay. I guess since I expected so high of this track, I ended up getting disappointed in the end, I almost thought this would of been perfect.

16. “Hallelujah” – Not to take away from Jesus or anything but this track is garbage to me. Nothing here but a gospel Tip that’s try too hard to be gospel here.

+ T.I. manages to deliver another great album and with barely any help from artists. All of his singles were by himself besides the worst single “Ball” with Lil Wayne. That’s hard to do in today’s time, so major props.

+ T.I. gave the perfect balance of Trap to Mainstream Tip. He gave his mainstream fans tracks like “Guns and Roses” & “Ball” while still delivering to the streets with “Go Get It” and “Trap Back Jumpin” and plus delivering to the ladies with “Can You Learn” and “Cruisin”.

– Although Tip got a good balance of tracks from mainstream to rap, I felt like all the mainstream tracks he made besides “Guns & Roses” are garbage. “Ball” is easily one of Tip’s worst tracks ever, “Hello” is just boring, “Cruisin” is Tip trying too hard. If he could have delivered something like “Whatever You Like” from awhile back that would have been a better look.

– Most of these tracks on this album barely have any replay value besides the singles and a couple of others. Tracks like “Addresses” are cool to listen to the first and second time but after that I don’t care for them anymore. So more replay value would have been better, Tip has never had this problem on his other albums but just this one for some reason.


8 OUT OF 10