December 17, 2012 Quake

Album Review: Chief Keef – “Finally Rich”

Finally Rich

In the summer of this year I heard of a song called “I Don’t Like” which featured Kanye, Big Sean, Pusha, Jadakiss and a bizarre name of Chief Keef. I didn’t really think much of a track, but I soon heard the affect it was having on the whole world. The song grew into this enormous song that nearly everybody could relate to in some way. I didn’t care a whole lot until this guy came out with “Love Sosa” the supposedly “First Single” off his debut album “Finally Rich”. When I heard that track is when I really started gaining interest in this Chief Keef guy. Me, what I like to do when I hear about a new artist and I want to know more I simply search up interviews from him, get a feel of what he’s about. I understood him more then, him signing to Interscope, artists like Birdman and Young Jeezy wanting to sign him and 50 Cent turning a liking to him, this boy was everywhere. Now fast forward to a couple more hits and finally we get to here his Interscope debut album “Finally Rich”, that was quick. I’m going to do a track-by-track review of the youngster’s album & in the end give my thoughts on the positive and negative. Let’s see if the hype lives up to his debut album. Check out what I got to say about him after the jump.

1. “Love Sosa” – The song starts out with voice from someone we don’t know of talking about how Chief Keef is real and how he puts in “work”. I guess people in Chicago really think Chief Keef doesn’t put in work, because this guy seems to be pretty mad for no reason. I wish this intro would have been split up as it own track because having to skip this Intro everything you listen to Love Sosa gets kind of annoying. Moving on, we hear the now famous “Young Chop on the beat” start and that’s when you know it’s a banger. This single in particular has gravitated to the young pop culture instantly, starting the crazy trend of “Sosa” or “Love Sosa”. Whether it’s Chief Keef in his catchy hooks, theĀ  beat or his catchy flow despite the lack in lyrical content. Nonetheless this track is definitely one of the best tracks in the album and it’s definitely a banger and most importantly it’s a banger with no help from any other artist.

2. “Hallelujah” – This track starts with the famous “Young Chop on the beat” as well and Young Chop & Chief Keef always make hits no matter what, they go together better than peanut butter and jelly. The hook then starts out and it’s of course catchy, something that you wanna rap to instantly even if you don’t understand him. Chief Sosa is then talking about broke n*ggas, shooting n*ggas, girls that want the D and popping molly as usual. Even though he raps about the same thing, the way he does it in a different way is what gravitates me, who knew you can rap about the same stuff but still make it interesting. Overall another banger on the album and we are only two tracks in.

3. “I Don’t Like” feat. Lil Reese – Here’s the track that catapulted Sosa’s career, of course it blew up even more when Kanye jumped on it. The track has a banging beat, hook is catchy as usual, verses are decent but not to worry because that’s not the main focus for Chief Keef ever. Whether you prefer Kanye’s version or the straight up street original with GBE affiliate Lil Reese, both are very good nonetheless.

4. “No Tomorrow” – Mike Will makes his debut with Chief Keef on “No Tomorrow” a track that seems like Interscope pushed on Chief Keef to make, maybe I’m wrong but who knows. The hook starts out again and it’s pretty good, I don’t like the constant repeat of words on the hook or in the verses, it gets kind of annoying. The verses are decent once again, not much lyrical content, the same stuff as usual. Overall it’s a pretty good track if you can get past the annoying repeat of words constantly.

5. “Hate Bein’ Sober” feat. 50 Cent & Wiz Khalifa – Young Chop on the beat, it’s a banger. Since the preview dropped of Chief Keef’s in studio performance of this track the whole internet couldn’t wait until the full thing dropped. Then we found out a two of Hip-Hop’s biggest artists are going to be featured on the track and the buzz for it became insane. Now that it dropped, it’s definitely not disappointing. Young Chop delivers one of the hottest beat to ever drop this year, while Chief Keef delivers his catchy hooks like usual and even does pretty well on his verse. Then 50 Cent enters and delivers the grimy 50 Cent that we all know and love, even if 50 Cent doesn’t drink or smoke, him being in this track wast the perfect move. Then Wiz Khalifa enters and delivers his usual Weed & Money verse. Which is pretty dope, but his verse to me gets old pretty quick. Nonetheless, I hope the visuals get re-shot for this video since Chief Keef didn’t show up to the original video shoot. Overall a banger and possibly his biggest hit if it catches on.

6. “Kay Kay” – This track I didn’t really care much for. Not really feeling the hook, the verses are okay and I’m not feeling the way he uses Auto-tune on this track either. The “beep” in the background is really pointless & annoying too. Definitely one of his weak tracks on the album.

7. “Laughin’ To The Bank” – This track is simply garbage. Not much to say, it’s that simple. The “ha ha ha” sounds like it came from a mentally handicapped monkey (not meant to be a racial slur) and it’s simply Chief Keef saying “ha ha ha” for nearly four minutes. The beat bangs and I felt like he could of made a way better track out of it. I guess Chief Keef wasn’t really thinking when assembling this track, I don’t know how Interscope even allowed this track to pass, it’s just awful.

8. “Diamonds” feat. French Montana – Ahh, back to the Young Chop on the beat, you know it’s a banger with them two as usual. The hook is definitely one of Chief Keef’s best hooks, it’s catchy and you can understand every word he’s saying. The beat is just insane, Chief Keef goes in on his verse and I can understand every word which is another positive thing. Then French Montana enters and I feel like he ruined the whole song, Chief Keef could of chose any other rapper other than French but it had to be French. I think he’s garbage and just ruined the track, other than that if French wouldn’t have been on it, this track would of been a complete banger and possibly another hit.

9. “Ballin’” – This track starts out with the audio from his VIBE interview of him being successful and not being a screw up. Then it proceeds to the hook which is pretty catchy one again and the minor autotune used on the hook isn’t that bad. The verses are once again very poor, but the beat and hook make up for it like usual. Overall a pretty good track.

10. “Understand Me” feat. Young Jeezy – This track I never cared too much for, it’s first off a track that was on his recent mixtape, which somehow landed on his album. I don’t like the hook at all, verses aren’t good at all. Young Jeezy however delivered on this track, I think this might be one of his best guest featured verses this year. Overall a decent track, nothing major to look out for on the tape, I expected more.

11. “3Hunna” feat. Rick Ross – Now this title Chief Keef has used on so many tracks, I don’t know which one is the real one. There is one solo with Chief Keef, one with Soulja Boy and now one with Rick Ross. I personally think this 3Hunna is way better than the others, I see why it landed on the album. Rick Ross definitely spit a hard verse and even arguably the best verse on the whole album. The hook is pretty good, the beat is that usual trap clip smackin beat which never gets old.

12. “Finally Rich” – The intro to this track is very long but I’m assuming it’s a crazy stan (fan) that is excited about Chief Keef being out of jail, then he proceeds to have an orgasm and simply wants to do a mixtape with Chief Keef. I’m sure that happened (sarcasm). This track has the same problem that “Love Sosa” has on the album, they should have split the intro and put it into a skit and not attached it to the song because everything you want to listen to the track you have to skip that long ass intro. Other than that the hook is pretty good, Chief Keef talks about being “Finally Rich” and nothing changing, thanking his fans, riding foreign cars and the usual smoking dope. The verses are the usual, being rich, flexin, broke n*ggas and much more. Overall a decent track, if you can over look the intro.

13. “Citgo” (Bonus Track) – This track I don’t care much for, I think of this track like I do of “Laughin To The Bank” which is complete garbage. Not feeling the hook, don’t like the beat, hate the verses.

14. “Kobe” (Bonus Track) – How this track landed as a bonus cut on the album I will never understand. This track is pure fire, Chief Keef delivers a crazy catchy hook that is definitely one of his best hooks near Love Sosa and Hate Bein’ Sober. Young Chop delivers a fire beat that bangs but not too much. Chief Keef also delivers on the verses, using a couple of clever lines like “Them guns shoot one two one two but this ain’t no Stomp In The Yard”. Plus I’m sure Kobe himself is bumping this track in his locker room before he goes out on the court.

15. “Got Them Bands” (Bonus Track) – Here’s another track that I don’t care for just like Citgo and Laughin To The Bank, just simply not feeling it. Hook is annoying, verses aren’t good, beat is okay.

16. “Don’t Make No Sensefeat. Master P & Fat Trel (Bonus Track) – This track is pretty good to a sense. The hook is pretty good, but Chief Keef’s verse is horrible. Master P then delivers his verse and I feel like he killed it, sounded a little too much like the Cookie Monster on this track though. Then Fat Trel spits his verse and he is okay, I think he wasn’t really needed on this track. Overall glad that this was a bonus an not an actual album cut.

17. “Savage” (Best Buy Deluxe Bonus Track) – Here’s another banger. This track is just as good as his album cuts if not better. Don’t know what it is about Young Chop & Chief Keef but when these two get together it’s nothing but bangers. This should have made the album cut and replaced Laughin To The Bank or Kay Kay.

18. “Don’t Know Em” (Best Buy Deluxe Bonus Track) – Pretty much the same thing I said on Savage, another banger that should have made the actual album cut.

+ Chief Keef managed to make a bunch of hits on this album, by himself. Not a lot of rappers can do that nowadays from “Love Sosa” to “I Don’t Like” to “Kobe” all of these tracks have definitely made a mark in today’s Hip-Hop culture whether people like it or not.

+ The only rapper to actually make tracks really good without having any good bars. Making good hooks and having a super producer like Young Chop can get you far, the proof is in Chief Keef. The man doesn’t spit hot bars, but he makes street bangers. From his catchy hooks to his catch flow even if he doesn’t have lyrical skills it doesn’t take away from him not one bit.

– I hated that Chief Keef put mixtape tracks on this album, like “3Hunna” and “Understand Me” and more. He should have just kept it all brand new it would of gave the album more presence.

– You can’t understand much of what Chief Keef says most of the time, and his verses are definitely his weak point but if you can get past that and just enjoy his flow, catchy hooks and the crazy good production you should be just fine.


7 OUT OF 10