It seems like 50 Cent is right back on track to making hit records. According to HHNM 50 Cent’s new single “New Day” featuring Dr. Dre and Alicia Keys is the most added song on Radio this week. It has 21 adds on Rhythmic and 28 adds on the Urban side, beating out artists like Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Keyshia Cole and Mariah Carey. The song also debuted last week on Billboard Hot 100 at the #79th spot. I think 50 Cent is finally back on track, not bad so far. You can purchase the single on iTunes too.

  • karl g

    This is how irrelevant 50 truly is, keysha and mariah arent exactly making a splash, chris browns singles are pop, and 50 beat trey for that song heart attack, which is about 5 months old,
    chief keefs dont like cant even be played on the radio and it has peeked higher than this song,
    the fact that you think landing the 79th spot is 50 coming back just shows how done he really is,

    • Quake

      The song “New Day” just landed on the Billboard Hot 100 last week with little to no promo at all, with no radio play, and just being announced like 1 week before, so that’s a very good position for the song considering the new Billboard rules now. I Don’t Like isn’t even on the Billboard Hot 100 so I have no clue where you are getting this information from. As far as Trey Songz goes, he has 3 singles out and I highly doubt 50 beat Heart Attack, he probably beat 2 Reasons which isn’t that old or his latest single Check Me Out, it could be any of them. Once more promo goes to 50 Cent, he performs the record at award shows and shoots the music video and Interscope gives it more of a push the record will eventually land in Top 10 for Billboard Hot 100 and then it’s a wrap, no hater can say anything, it’s a Top 10 hit which means he’s hot & relevant again.

  • karl g

    you honestly posted this because he got “adds” thats sad

    • Mosthated81

      U Guys Where Saying How Irrelevant 50 was Fact That New Day Is Higher Then Any Single Rick Ross Has Dropped

      • Aaron

        get em!

      • T

        That’s true, sad thing is 50′s shit just debut at those numbers. lol and that’s without any promotion. Ross shit been released for months….lmao

  • prettlyflacko

    agree, im feel sorry for you bcuz i kno hes probably ur hero but not every rapper can stay relevant, except for jay z probably

  • Z

    Ayo Quake, damn boy, these dumbsheets really hate 50 personally ROFL

    Trey recent single is called “Dive in” and it went for adds yesterday.

    50 Cent “New Day” went for adds yesterday on the radio on both urban & Rhythmic, and guess what ? Interscope is sending it for Pop radio adds on August 28th.

    damn haters gonna feel so sad, and hurt, devastated when they see “New Day” in Top 10 on Billboard HOT 100.

  • prettlyflacko

    honestly guys, did everyone 4get new day was already on the radio before 50 and dre hoped on it
    it is a lil wieird that you reported how many adds he got
    Quake y dont you just wait until he actually “comeback”

    • Mike H

      true, u did dedicate a post to radio adds,
      who does that? quake is a true fan tho respect to that
      i love 50 music too, but turning radio adds into something note worthy is kinda dumb, considering the fact that the song was already on the radio when it was just alicia,
      if u think 50 can comeback, you probably think DMX’s next album is going platnum lol jk

      • T

        Mike, u have no idea wat u r talkin bout. Alicia’s version was actually stolen. The song is Dre and 50′s song. He gave all right’s to 50. Alicia took the Hook she did for them and made her own track. Her verison, is not a hit. It’s negatively reviewed. It’s been out since like May and has not did anything on the charts. Her song highest peek is 73 on US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard) While 50 debut is 56 on US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs (Billboard). Now u tell me who’s song is it and which one is a hit? By the way. Her song didn’t even chart on US Billboard Hot 100 and we all know, if your shit doesn’t chart on that billboard u do not have a hit. 50 debut 79 on that chart, without any kind of promotion wats so ever no video, no radio release anything. That was just based off his simple self-promo off his twitter account n released on Hip Hop websites.

  • T

    F a top 10 on Billboard 100, that song is headin for top 1. Are yall not hearing the content off the track. That shit is amazing! lol