March 23, 2012 Quake

Mixtape Review: Chamillionaire – “Ammunition”

After not hearing much from Chamillionaire in a couple of months he randomly announces an 8 track EP entitled “Ammunition”. Me being a fan I was excited but now it’s time to go over if it was worth the wait. Check out what I got to say about this EP after the jump.

1. “Your Connect” – This isn’t really a track but more like an intro to this EP. He pretty much talks about him being the connect with his music. I like it and it got me hyped up for the first song.

2. “Running Laps” – This track starts out with a nice melody and then he hits with some weird wordplay. I’m already liking the way the track has started out and the production is on point. He then starts spitting his verse and I love how he flows on this beat, like the switching up with sort of singing to straight rapping. I like the hook too, the smooth singing really goes well with the track’s production.

3. “Let’s Get That” – The instant I heard the beat start out I knew this track was going to be the crazy Cham that I like and I was right. The hook starts and it’s very good, it’s fast and on point with the beat. We then get into the verse and it’s the classic Cham that we got on the Mixtape Messiah and Major Pain series and that’s my favorite. The lyrics are still here, bar for bar he kills it and keeps up with the fast spitting. Towards the end he switches it up with a little singing and that was a good way to end out the track as well as the gun shots going off at the end. This track has so far ended up being my favorite on the whole tape.

4. “All Mine” – In the beginning of this track we get a sample of Al Pacino of doing big things with life. Cham starts out his verse talking about the finer things he has, then we get into the hook and it has a Scarface theme to it by talking about the world being his, I’m feeling the hook overall. I love the violin that starts during the hook too. I’m also feeling the production, and the little Scarface sample of him being the bad guy. Overall a pretty good track.

5. “On My Way” feat. Lee Lonn – This track is really nice, I’m loving the hook that Lee Lonn did he absolutely killed it and added his own spice to it. I don’t much about Lee Lonn but Cham needs to work with him more because nice tracks like these is what I want. The track also reminded me of “Pimp Mode” and I loved that track because it was something smooth I could listen to in the car and another one of those tracks never hurts. I love the production, love the verses and love the hook. If this track got pushed it could be an amazing single.

6. “You Gon Learn” feat. Saigon – We hear a sample in the beginning of a girl singing and I love the sample. For some reason the beat reminds me of the 90’s of Hip-Hop, which I really like. Cham starts out spitting a pretty short verse then it goes to the hook, and the hook is really good and catchy. I’m feeling the subject matter on this track too. Saigon is featured on the track, he completely makes the track better, his verse was really good and a nice edition to the track.

7. “Let’s Get That” (Remix) feat. Doughbeezy & Marcus Manchild – So my favorite track on the whole mixtape already has an official remix? that’s nice! It starts out with the same hook from the original but we get a new verse from Chamillionaire and I’m feeling this verse more than the ones on the original. We then get a verse from Doughbeezy who I’ve never heard of but he really adds a nice southern sound to the track. Then Marcus Manchild jumps on the track and I’ve heard of him a little but not enough to know if he will go hard on the track but he ends up killing it as well adding his own H-Town sound to the track. Overall a nice remix to an already good track.

8. “Wont Change” feat. Tami Latrell – This track was the first track we heard off Ammunition and I liked it but now that I heard the other tracks I would say this is the weakest track on the whole mixtape. This track is really smooth but it’s sort of a Texas anthem and I can’t really bump it since I don’t know a whole lot about Texas so I can’t really relate to the track. Other than that the verses and hook are very good as well as the production, if only the subject matter was different.

9. “Never Enough” feat. Angel – Last track on the whole EP and this is a very nice way to end the EP. The hook is nothing short of amazing. Angel did an amazing job and it’s sort of inspirational, which is really nice. The verses that Cham spits are on some real sh*t and that’s what I love about Cham he spits some amazing stuff that most rappers would never spit because they are too mainstream or just aren’t smart enough or real enough to spit, I love Cham for these type of verses he delivers it’s something different and REAL which is what we hardly get in this rap game. The production is also on point and fits Cham perfectly, it switches up too which is always nice.

– One thing that really disappointed me about this EP is the fact that we only got 8 tracks. Knowing Cham for all the music he’s given us in the past with the whole Mixtape Messiah series. This is just something I’m not use to, but then again he’s given us a lot of music and most tracks on the EP are really good so it’s a small complaint.

– I was really hoping for some nice features from more known artists, I’m not asking Cham to go mainstream by making him do a track with Kendrick Lamar or 50 Cent or anything like that I just want more known artists to jump on his music. I could only identify a few artists on the features. But once again that’s a small complaint because most of them did an amazing job.

+ Every track (besides one) is really good, The production is on point and fits Cham perfectly. I really like the features, besides the fact that I don’t know a few of them. Each track is unique in it’s own way and you get a different Cham in each one. There are the Cham fans that like it when he just goes hard (Let’s Get That) and then there are the Cham fans that just like it when he makes some chill music that you can listen to in the whip (On My Way).

+ The verses that Chamillionaire spits in every track is so versatile and the flow is on point as always. He spits some real intellectual things on some tracks and most of what he’s talking about is just real. I can hear the verses and really believe what he’s saying and most of the things he raps about I can relate to. I love that he doesn’t curse in his music too, that just makes his music 10 times better then before. The subject matter as well is switched up a lot on tracks and that’s what I like, I don’t want to hear the same stuff over and over.


9 OUT OF 10