November 2, 2011 Quake

Album Review: Wale – “Ambition”

Here’s another Album Review this time on MMG’s very own Wale, his debut MMG album “Ambition” is finally out and it’s time to see if the hype around lives up to the album.

1. “Don’t Hold Your Applause” – This is a nice intro to the album, the production is okay. I felt the hook could have been better and the topics he is rapping on is dope and overall is a pretty good start to the album.

2. “Double M Genius” – This track didn’t really stand out to me at all. The production I didn’t like at all, The hook wasn’t good and the subject matter doesn’t connect with me at all.

3. “Miami Nights” – This is a feel good track and the second I heard this song it reminded me of the first two tracks. His flow is repetitive too, Same subject matter, I like the hook though.

4. “Legendary” – Here’s another track that sounds the same to me, I think Wale’s beat selection sucks. I like on this track that he sort of switches up his flow and that makes this track more interesting to listen to, but other then that another decent track.

5. “Lotus Flower Bomb” feat. Miguel – This track is smooth, but doesn’t sound like it’s a hit to me at all, just another ATTEMPT at a hit record which is a bad look for Wale. I think he should just stick to his own style and not try to become something he’s not. Miguel was okay, wasn’t feeling the hook, production is pretty good on this one.

6. “Chain Music” – This track is pretty hot, I like the production. I like the Rick Ross sample, but the hook is alright. Wale did his thing on the verses too, Overall pretty good.

7. “Focused” feat. KiD CuDi – Now this is one of the best tracks off the album. I’m glad Wale and Kid Cudi ended they’re so called “Beef” because we got an amazing track out of it. The production is amazing, Kid Cudi killed the hook, Wale killed the verses, this song is definitely the stand out track on the album.

8. “Sabotage” feat. Lloyd – Nothing much to say about this track. Not feeling the production, I like Wale’s verses and well Lloyd didn’t really do that well on the hook in my opinion.

9. “White Linen (Coolin)” feat. Ne-Yo – I like the production on this track, Wale raps the same on most tracks which is now getting annoying. Ne-Yo killed the hook and I feel like if they push this track it can be a hit.

10. “Slight Work” feat. Big Sean – Not feeling the production and hook on this track at all. I expected this joint to be hot just because it has a good feature on it with Big Sean. Big Sean did not disappoint though he did kill it and I enjoyed his verse.

11. “Ambition” feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross – Now this track is definitely the best track on the album. I love the production on it and the hook is beyond on point. Now what really is dope about this track is the subject matter, I like how they were talking about when they use to be broke and how they had to push drugs just to make it through the day. I felt like Rozay had the best verse, but Meek Mill killed it too and well Wale he did his thing. If he would have had more tracks like this on the album then it would have been a certified hit album.

12. “Illest Bitch” – This track wasn’t that good to me, didn’t stand out a lot. I like the hook, the production was okay. Wale’s verse’s is what made this track stand out a little more other then that it wouldn’t have been anything special.

13. “No Days Off” – This track is dope, I like the hook, the production is on point too.

14. “DC or Nothing” – This track is to hold it down for his city. I felt like he did accomplish that with this track, the production was okay and had a rock feel to it which I’m not a fan of. But Wale’s verse’s were raw which I always like and the hook is dope. Overall, I commend Wale for making this track.

15. “That Way” feat. Jeremih & Rick Ross – This track is dope and I’m glad Wale chose this track as a single for the album. The production is simple and doesn’t need much to it. Jeremih killed the hook, Wale killed his verse’s and boss man Rozay did his thing like always.

Now for the overall view on the album. I’m going to do things a little different this time, I’m going to list 2 bad things about the album and two positive things about the album and then give an overall score.

+ The album didn’t have much features, which is rare to find in an album nowadays and I felt that Wale deserves respect for not counting on other rappers to make his album hot.

+ Wale delivered on his verse’s most of the time and his topic choices for rapping is good.

– Wale had a repetitive type of flow that annoyed me most of the time, I felt like he could have changed that and his production choice was bad because I heard some of the same beats on some tracks which made it more repetitive. 

– Removing hot tracks from the album that were intended for the album from the beginning like “Bad Girls Club”. 

Overall Score: