September 5, 2011 Quake

Flop City #7: Ace Hood, Blood, Sweat & Flops

Last Time it was Young Buck, and this time it’s DJ Khaled’s very own “Ace Hood” I’ve got some things to say about him, now remember Flop City is about if you can chart on the billboard’s Hot 100 and if you album does well on sales not on if your album is good or not or if the singles are good or not, now with that said read after the jump!

Now this guy is a pretty decent rapper, his new album “Blood, Sweat & Tears” is pretty dope, I liked Hustle Hard, Lord Knows and Body 2 Body, but what brings him here is him not managing to chart with any of those singles from the album

He first released “Hustle Hard” as the 1st official single off his album, people were feeling it and he dropped the video, people still liked it, but when he dropped the remix to it featuring Rick Ross & Lil Wayne people loved it, including me, I thought it was dope and the beat banged, unfortunately it didn’t even chart on the Hot 100 charts and didn’t make an impact at all even when it had the biggest artists on the track, only hip hop fans were listening to the track, not mainstream.

The 2nd single he released was “Body 2 Body” featuring Chris Brown, I thought this would have gotten him on the charts since the song is pretty good and Chris Brown had buzz and he did well on the hook, but the track flopped and didn’t do an impact at all, the music is good, but sucked when trying to chart.

The 3rd single “Go N Get It” was released and I have no clue where to start with this track, first off the song has the same beat and same meaning as Hustle Hard, the beat on “Hustle Hard” is just slower and bangs more while the beat on “Go N Get It”, that was just a stupid move and the meaning is the same thing, to get your ass up and work hard, that’s what both of these tracks mean, it didn’t chart at all either.

Finally the album was dope, the guy flopped like shit though, DJ Khaled needs to stop trying to stunt on people saying Ace Hood has hits, he ain’t got shit, the guy can’t managed to even get 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, We The Best music is just stupid and I hate it when DJ Khaled thinks he found the best artist ever, overall the guy f**king flopped harder then Tony Yayo did, BUT the album was solid, what do you guys think?